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Awesome Dry Bulk Carrier Blog

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General purpose and uses of seagoing bulk carriers

The operations of seagoing bulk carrier ships was fraught with dangers. It is crucial to plan your trip carefully and be vigilant in all matters pertaining to shipboards. This site is an easy reference for the international shipping industry and provides guidance and information about loading and discharge of bulk cargo kinds. These restrictions are established by the classification societies. It is essential to reduce the chance of stressing vessel's structure and follow all safety precautions for safe passage at sea. There are pages with details that cover various topics concerning bulk carriers. These pages are beneficial both for those onboard and those ashore at the terminal.

General characteristics for seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers have one deck, and they have top-side tanks as well as hopper tanks. They can carry bulk cargo, which is a single commodity. Any material that is not gas or liquid but is solid bulk cargo, that is any material made up of mix of granules and/or mixtures, or any other substance with an identical composition. The material can be put directly into the cargo space of a vessel and does not require container. These dry cargoes can include bulk grain, sugar, and ores. In the broadest sense of the word the term "bulk carrier" includes all vessels that are designed to carry solid or liquid cargo in bulk form, and so would include tankers. The term"bulk carrier" is commonly used to describe vessels that are specifically designed to carry bulk solid cargoes. These include grain and other agricultural products and minerals like coal, ore, and stone on one or more of the voyage legs. Have a look at this voyage charter blog for more.


What Is Bulk Carrier?

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

Carrying weights range from 3,000 tonnes to 300,000.
Average speed of 12-15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Carriers with medium to small size bulk (carrying capacities between 40 to 60,000 tonnes) typically have equipment for handling cargo. However larger vessels may use shore-based -facilities to load or unload.
-Cargo holds that are large have no obstructions and bigger hatch sizes for ease of loading and unloading.
The bulk carriers typically have one cargo space, which is devoted to ballast. This can be used in ballast voyages to increase stability. For partially ballasting the voyage, two or three additional holds could be permitted, but only in ports.
They are available as one pull, or stacking (piggyback), type hatch covers made of steel.
Four types and sizes of ballast tank:
Sloping topside wing tanks
Sloping bottom side of wing tanks
Double bottom tanks
Peak and post peak ballast water tanks

Bulk solid cargo? Any substance that is not liquid or gas, consisting of a combination of particles, granules or any larger pieces of material, generally of uniform composition and loaded straight into the cargo containers without any intermediary type of confinement. Bulk carriers can transport a variety of cargoes, comprising "clean" food products and "dirty", minerals, and cargoes that may react one with the other or other contaminants such as water. It is important to ensure that space is cleaned for each cargo. The cargo space must be cleaned in a manner that allows for loading. Surveyors often have to inspect the space to ensure that it is safe to load. To avoid contamination, it's essential that all residues from prior cargoes are cleared. The bulk cargo is more susceptible to damage from water. This means that the storage areas should be dry for cargo to be received. Furthermore the hatch covers should be waterproof and sealed when needed to prevent water ingress. All fittings inside the storage area (ladders pipe guards, ladders, bilge, etc.) should be inspected. In order to ensure that they're in good condition and properly fitted, all fittings in the hold (ladders and pipe guards, bilge covers etc.) should be inspected. If they are not properly fitted, the equipment may cause severe damages to conveyor systems which could cause delays. Have a look at this tankers url for more.


Bulk Carrier, Bulker? The vessel is designed to transport dry cargo. The conventional bulk carrier is built with a single deck, single skin, double bottom, hopper side tanks and topside tanks in cargo spaces. Bulk carriers are designed to load the maximum deadweight for any type of bulk cargo including heavy ore and light grain . It can be challenging to load, transport and disperse dry bulk cargo.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
A lot of bulk cargoes have hazardous properties and may change their properties upon passage. The ship can be easily damaged by incorrect loading e.g. Improper loading could result in the ship breaking if you load a hold forward at its highest. This could cause the ship to'stress'. could lead to life-threatening situations at sea during severe weather. Additionally, the residues of earlier cargoes could be a significant threat to the future cargoes. Some bulk cargoes, such as cement power, can also suffer from water damage. cement power. It is hard to determine the cargoes that are loaded or discharged. Each of these elements can have serious consequences for safe bulk cargo transportation. Discharging bulk cargo using? bulk cargoes can form a cone if they are loaded on conveyor belts. The angle that this cone develops is known as the angle or repose'. It varies for each type of cargo. For iron ore, cargoes may form a cone that is steeply angled. But, cargoes that flow freely can create a cone with a shallow angle. The low angles of repose could cause cargo to shift in transit. For certain cargoes it is possible that bulldozers are required to spread the load over the sides of the holds as cargo is nearing completion. Although most dry bulk carriers utilize docks on the shore for cargo loading or discharge Some bulk carriers provide self-unloading facilities using conveyors underneath the cargo hold or cranes on decks.
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