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Top Rated Google Info

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What Are The Alternatives To Google
Google is now the preferred search engine used for the majority of Internet searches. In several countries the market share is greater than 80percent. But who are its main competitors today? What alternatives do you have when it comes to searching for information on the Internet? We'll examine the strengths and limitations, of two different search engines. Find out more for an example.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine
Microsoft's Bing is probably the most frequently-used alternative to Google. They appear almost identical from a visual standpoint. They provide information about each search engine result (a description and a title along with a link to that result). Certain searches have an option at the top of the navigation pane, which includes information of interest. Bing also has vertical search engines that aid you in finding certain kinds of content such as images, videos as well as news and other. These can be displayed both within the main search engine results and on distinct pages. Google has been accused of showing YouTube videos prominently when performing videos search results. However, this hasn't been an issue with Bing. Bing, just like Google analyzes user behavior. It stores information on the search queries of its users as well as the results they click. This lets Bing directly to display personalized advertisements within the results of its searches. Bing can also serve personalized ads within its Windows operating system.


Duckduckgo Search Engine
The DuckDuckGo search engine is a different alternative to Google. When you initiate an online search, it will perform the search on behalf of you. DuckDuckGo gets Bing's results and displays them in your browser. When you use this search engine, you don't come in direct contact with Bing. Bing will not have access to any of your personal information like your IP address or geographical location. DuckDuckDuckGo also adds ads to its search results. It cannot however serve personalised advertisements since the US search engine doesn't take any personal information from users. If you type in "holidays" and it will only show ads about the word or phrase you typed in. Since it has decided not to use the phrase, it won't be able to access the information it already has about you. Bing, Google and other search engines are very alike in our view. Whether you like one over the other is down to your personal tastes. DuckDuckGo is more convenient to remain anonymous.

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